The Lovely Little Fairy Door


Finally a stylish Fairy door which will not clash with any decor... Fairies rejoice!

The Lovely Little Fairy Door is a product of the Misery Guts Fairy Department, an initiative developed by our junior product advisors.

Made from sustainable wood by our Fair Trade friends in Sri Lanka using non toxic materials, it measures 17cm x 13.5cm.

Our product advisors tell us they have consulted directly with the local fairy community to ensure we have met their specifications, which included the mail slot. This allows the fairies and little humans to exchange tiny letters.

Please note: Big humans, the return mail is your job! and our Teeny, Tiny 'Fairy Mail' stationery sets fit perfectly in the mail slot.

The fairies have said the doors should be placed indoors at floor level against the skirting board, wall, dressing table or any furniture piece which allows the space for it. They recommend not using outside as it may get damaged, plus these days they prefer to live indoors near their little human friends.

The fairies understand it needs to be the big humans who decide what sort of materials should be used to attach the door, however some suggestions they made were using Blu-Tack or Command Picture Hanging Strips. double sided foam tape, or glue.

The fairies have passed on their thanks to you for providing them with a door into the beautiful world of little humans.


Handmade by our Fair Trade friends in Sri Lanka, using non toxic materials.

Please note, due to the nature of the wood, its colour tone can vary slightly.